Site status report 17 June 2019

Following the site move to my new web host (Krystal) I’ve had several issues. By far the worst was image caching which prevented pages from live-updating.

I knew the key was in the .htaccess file, but it took a while to find the correct coding to defeat caching that worked on my server. That’s done now and the map pages are updating normally on desktops. There’s still a caching issue on mobile browsers where the left side info bar images are very out of date (by hours). I’m not sure if I can solve that particular problem as it might be a phone-based cache. Switching off “Lite” mode (on Androids) might help.

Server: If you can read this it’s up!
Live maps updating: Normal
Map upload rate to server (FTP): Once per 2 minutes
Map page refresh rate: Once per minute

Hair loss: 90%