I’ve made a few changes and fixes to the site in the past week or two.

Bug fixes: For a long time, a number of third party images were not displaying correctly on browsers configured to only allow SSL sources. This was because those images were not hosted on SSL compliant sites (https). I’ve fixed this by transferring the images first to my own SSL compliant server and serving the images to the website from there.

Additions/changes: The Atlantic HF propagation map has been re-designated as the “Atlantic MF/HF Propagation Map” with 30 minutes line persistence. In addition, I’ve provided two more identical Atlantic MF/HF maps but with 20 and 10 minutes line persistence respectively. These are being used to test the responses of the maps to solar storm radio blackouts. A new VLF SID monitoring plot has been added on a new page which is also there to monitor solar storms.

Deletions: These lesser used maps have been removed from the site: MF propagation map; Europe Sporadic-E (no skimmers) Map; Pacific Sporadic-E Map. If you are missing these particularly, please contact me through Twitter @g7izu so that I can sympathise.