European Tropo Propagation

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Frequency/band colour key

This map is displays tropo contacts reported on the 10m band up to the GHz bands. Occasionally mis-reported contacts via satellite may be shown which display longer distances than are achievable via traditional tropo.

The map above is auto-refreshed every minute. It’s generated by the application LiveMUF by Dave Edwards, G7RAU. This application is available to licenced radio amateurs to produce their own propagation maps.

Coloured lines indicate Tropospheric propagation reported in the frequency bands during the last 30 minute period according to the colour key above the map.
No-lines visible = No propagation reported
White parallel lines crossing the map = day/night terminator
Yellow star = Sub-solar point

Click the image to expand: The data block in the bottom left corner includes the date and the start/end times for the 30 minute period of the current map in UTC.

Learn about the various types of “Tropo” propagation: [OZ1RH Troposcatter inside and out]