8m/40MHz Band

8m (40 MHz) band spots – 15 minutes cadence

The map above is auto-refreshed every few minutes. It’s generated by the application LiveMUF by Dave Edwards, G7RAU. This application is available to licenced radio amateurs to produce their own propagation maps.

8m/40 MHz Beacon List (incomplete)
Freq (MHz) Callsign Locator ID Types

40.013 EI1KNH IO63VE CW & PI4
40.016 EI1CAH IO53CK CW & PI4
40.071 OZ7IGY JO55WM CW & PI4
40.670 S55ZMS JN86CR CW & PI4
40.675 ZS6WAB KG46RB CW
40.6815 ZS6OB KG44DE FT8

Coloured lines indicate sporadic-E propagation reported in the following frequency bands during the last 15 minute period:
Orange lines: 8m
No-lines visible = No propagation reported
White parallel lines crossing the map = day/night terminator
Yellow star = Sub-solar point

The data block in the bottom left corner includes the date and the start/end times for the 30 minute period of the current map in UTC.