G7IZU RRD Quick Survey (closes 31.07.22)

Yes, I know we all hate surveys, but this one is really quick, and as a user of this site, taking part may be to your benefit!

I’m just asking a single question and am looking at how I can improve the site for your use. Please take a moment to consider a response.

This website is viewed, on average, by around 2,500 unique visitors making 5,500 visits per month (based on 2021 stats). I would like to hope that visitors like the DXing facilities enough to come back regularly and to use them as a resource to help their hobby or profession. The DX mapping system I am using has some limitations (such as no user interactivity) and unfortunately I can’t change that, so I’m stuck with fixed maps. I can, though, change the coverage areas, change colours and make minor tweaks. The refresh times are currently as fast as I can make them, but lags accumulate and often result in lag times of several minutes. New maps can be made to show only a specific propagation mode and certain frequency bands. On a particular page I can change the layout and grouping of data, or provide new data from other sources. Are pages too cluttered or not show enough?

I’d be grateful if you could respond briefly to the question below. If any suggestions prove popular I will look at implementing the changes. Thank you!

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0.1. G7IZU User Survey

In a few words, what single new feature or change to an existing feature would help your use of this site?
If you are happy with how it is, please say so.

25 words left

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