The Kessler Syndrome 2020/Q2

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Last updated: 2020-03-28

SpaceNews: Assure Space won’t cover collision risk in low Earth orbit

“Assure Space continues to insure launches, satellites operating in geostationary orbit, satellites raising their orbit through low Earth orbit and missions to the international space station.

“But if someone comes to me and says, ‘I want one year on-orbit coverage for a small satellite in low Earth orbit,’ the answer is no,” Richard Parker said. “I can’t charge them today what I perceive the real risk to be.”

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BBC News: OneWeb files for bankruptcy

“Rumours of a collapse had been swirling around OneWeb this past week. It had raised £2.6bn to implement its project but experts in the space industry speculated that double this sum would probably be needed to complete the system.

“The statement released by OneWeb in the early hours of Saturday, London time, said the company had been close to obtaining financing but that, “the process did not progress because of the financial impact and market turbulence related to the spread of Covid-19″.”

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