Trans-Atlantic Propagation

Colour Key  
Note: Maps are no longer showing digi-mode contacts 
Due to the low-signal nature of some of the new digi-modes, such as FT-4 and FT-8, the traditional calculations for the MUF becomes inaccurate. I am therefore not displaying these digi-mode contacts on the maps until further notice.

Coloured lines indicate propagation reported in the following frequency bands during the last 30 minute period using ALL PROPAGATION MODES (including satellite):

Blue lines = 28 MHz | Yellow lines = 50 MHz | Orange lines = 70 MHz | Red lines = 144 MHz | No-lines visible = No propagation reported
White parallel lines crossing the map = day/night terminator
Yellow star = Sub-solar point

The data block in the bottom left corner includes the date and the start/end times for the 30 minute period of the current map in UTC.