The QUADRANTIDS Meteor Shower 2004 was on 4th Jan. Some screen captures of the spectrum plots are below. Also here are some other interesting meteor reflection images I've managed to capture. The texts refer to the images beneath them.

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10 Jan 2004 13:52 utc
This meteor created a very strong reflection, leaving an 
ionized trail that lasted more than 3 minutes.



03-04 Jan 2004 - 24 hour plot 18:00 to 18:00 utc
The radiant passing through zenith is clearly visible
as a marked Doppler shift between 08:00 and 10:00 hrs.

Example of the intensity at 05:00 utc on Jan 04 


14 Dec 2003 - captured at 23:40 UTC 
Several meteors per minute, giving some very strong echoes.
The wide Doppler shifts (20-30 Hz) indicate many layers
of differing wind-speeds in the upper atmosphere.
(1120 Hz=Grunten, 790 Hz = Vannas, 690 Hz = Muro)


15 Dec 2003 - captured at 07:18 UTC by Tom Feierabend, near New York
Tom has captured some even more extreme Doppler shifts

15 Dec 2003 - captured at 01:47 UTC
Taken from the 6 hour plot, this shows just how intense
the shower was during the night. 
Note that the Muro transmitter switched off at about 12:50.



24 Nov 2003 - captured 20:30 UTC.
The "hooks" are caused by the meteors plunging through layers of atmosphere
that have different wind-speeds. The layers with the highest wind-speed exhibit
the greatest Doppler shifts. The ionisation trails caused by the meteors are
immediately subjected to the winds around them.


24 Nov 2003 - captured 21:14 UTC

24 Nov 2003 - captured 22:44 UTC. 
I actually saw  this meteor in the plot below. It appeared to be a fairly normal
"shooting star", not a fireball, traveling east to west at quite
a shallow angle, with the radiant being somewhere near Orion.
The visual trail faded in a couple of seconds, though as you can
see, the radio trail lasted well over 30 seconds.


And a graph plot of the same event

 See the Leonids Post Mortem Report (pdf file)

19 Nov 2003 - captured 09:40 - 10:00 UTC
19 Nov 2003 - captured 05:52 UTC
A very strong reflection!

19 Nov 2003 - captured at 05:55-06:15 UTC

18 Nov 2003 - captured at 07:20-07:50 UTC


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