G7IZU Broadcast - 24k Stereo

G7IZU Broadcast - 24k Stereo

LEFT 143.050 MHz; RIGHT 55.250 MHz

(Almost) live radio meteor reception, from Tavistock, Devon, UK (50.5 N, 4.08 W). This system uses sequential file transfers via a web server - audio must be received using a free client (BS-Tuner - see below).

Audio can be delayed by up to a couple minutes, but being a web server the bandwidth is almost unlimited - allowing many simultaneous listeners. If BS-Tuner reports an error, try restarting it. If the error persists, check this page for the ONLINE or OFFLINE status.

Broadcast Status

  • Offline since Thu, 17 Mar 2011 07:55:35 GMT
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How to watch this program ?

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Simply run the BS-Tuner® and paste the URL of this page.

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