This system is now NOT providing real-time meteor activity alerts.
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Below: plot of meteor rate and signal duration per hour.
One tick per hour and approx 5 days of history. The latest data is on the right >>
Plot of meteor rate/duration per hour

"Count +5" etc refers to the detection trigger levels of noise +5dB, noise +10dB etc.
The duration shown is seconds per hour of signal received above the trigger thresholds.

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Please note that the system is now NOT providing real-time meteor activity alerts.

I use DL4YHFs Spectrum Lab software to process data from signals received on a Yaesu FT-857 transceiver.

NOAA Kp index

Noaa/SWPC Kp-Index (today)
Estimated Kp Index last 24hrs

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Meteor Outlook

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Solar Terrestrial Data from www.qrz.com.

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